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Is a career in financial services right for you?

You don’t need a financial background to enjoy a successful career at Keystone Financial Managment, a member of John Hancock Financial Network. What you do need is the desire to become a trusted financial professional, the ability to listen and empathize with someone’s hopes, dreams, concerns, responsibilities and the passion to be a life-long learner and problem solver.

Traits of our most successful associates include:

Discipline: the ability to stay focused on your career goals and on what you need to do to achieve them.

Self confidence: an overarching belief in yourself, your abilities, and your vision of success.

Determination: a refusal to be discouraged or distracted as you pursue your vision.

Curiosity: the desire to learn more about your chosen markets and to pursue continuing education and      professional self-development in your chosen field.

Initiative: the ability to work on your own, manage your own time, and seek help from others.

Team spirit: a commitment to work with others in your local office for mutual satisfaction and success.

The advantages of a career with John Hancock Financial Network are very real. While you’ll enjoy unlimited income potential, based on your efforts and success, you can also set the pace for the development of your business, making time for family and other interests if you wish. And you’ll discover that you not only play an important role in the lives of your clients – helping them achieve financial security – you also make a significant contribution to your community.

At JHFN, we are committed to providing the support you need to achieve your vision of success:

A proven Marketing System to help you identify individuals who would value your guidance and support in meeting their financial needs

Industry-leading training and practice-building tools and resources

Comprehensive benefits, recognition programs, and generous new-associate compensation

A comprehensive suite of competitive products and services – with continuous product innovation

Access to a team of professionals providing continuous support and guidance in the development of your own entrepreneurial business

An innovative local organization backed by solid home office support

A business partner backed by the strength, stability, and resources of one of the most innovative and recognized financial services companies in the world – John Hancock.

Ask yourself these questions to find out if an entrepreneurial career with Keystone Financial Management a member of John Hancock Financial Network is right for you:

Can you set priorities?
Are you able to manage your time effectively and focus your time and energy on getting things done?

Are you good with people?
Do you have solid people skills? The ability to correctly read body language and build rapport? To probe beyond what people say to get at what they really mean? To talk with people honestly about deeply personal, emotional topics?

Are you passionate about what you value?

Do you have the conviction to do what is right for your clients, to be their advocate? Can you see yourself helping individuals, families, and businesses achieve financial security and success?

Are you a good communicator?

Can you present the image of a credible, consultative financial services professional? Will you be able to demonstrate your knowledge and educate your clients and prospects about a range of financial topics?

Can you handle rejection?
Selling is a key aspect of your job, and salespeople have to be prepared to hear the word “no” more often than the word “yes.” Do you have the ability to bounce back and keep trying?

Do you enjoy learning?
The financial services market is one of constant change. Are you willing to keep up with changing markets, products, sales techniques, and technology?

Do you have a vision of your success?
Can you see where you want your career to take you? Can you see yourself succeeding and making that vision a reality?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, take the next step. Talk to us today about a career with Keystone Financial Management.

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