Helen Morekin

Helen Morekin

Administrative Assistant

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Phone: 610.841.3037
Fax: 610.841.3038

In her role as an Administrative Assistant at Client 1st Financial, Helen Morekin supports not only the other team members at the firm, but also supports clients as well.  Once you get to know her, you understand why she’s so good at it.  She’s a natural.  Helping to support and grow things is what Helen has been doing for most of her adult life.

Helen has been in support roles, helping to grow strong relationships, in the insurance and financial services industry for thirteen years.  She has helped to grow a number of other very important things as well.  Let’s start with her children, four of them, ranging in ages from 31 to 21.  Then, there is her long-time passion for gardening.  She has grown everything from flowers to vegetables and always, with great care.

Helen is very conscientious.  She wants to know the “whys” and “wherefores” of the actions she is taking on behalf of clients.  She asks questions and pays attention to the small details.  That attention to detail is engrained in her character.  It evidences itself in another of her favorite pastimes – restoring antique furniture.

Helen is a great addition to the team at Client 1st.  We’re happy to have her on board and know that once you get to know her and passion for supporting clients, you will as well.